Lily Collins talks about her “dark thoughts” that took hold of her life


The model and actress lived from a young age with food problems, which led her to have physical and mental problems.

Hollywood star Lily Collins eventually decided to address her long-term toxic relationship with food and her progressive eating disorder.

The actress spoke during her interview on the Make It Reign podcast. There she was quoted as saying, “I’ve done therapy for years and I feel like I’m getting to the path of why I allowed those darker thoughts to dictate how I lived my life, what I ate or didn’t eat, and the restrictions I put myself on.”

“Understanding that and accepting it has made me realize that many of the reasons I used when I was younger no longer apply to me.”

“A lot of those occasions happen during an amazing meal and things I feel like I missed because I allowed my insecurities or my failure to talk about them to dictate how I lived my life. I had many voices in my head all the time that silenced my external voice, much internals that stunned me.”

“I have been strengthened by the friendships and people I love, who encourage me to be, and the relationship I am in, where you really feel the best version of yourself when your mind and heart are working their greatest capacity.”

“If you’re hungry in any way, physically or emotionally, you’ll never work 100 percent. You will never feel like the best version of yourself and then you will not live the life it should be and the best life you can.”

Lily Collins, who is the daughter of singer Phil Collins, successfully stars in the Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’.