Nina Palmieri kissed by the sun is radiant: gorgeous [PHOTO]


The “Hyena” Nina Palmieri is completely kissed by the sun. It shows itself in a social shot where it is nothing short of wonderful, then a question to the followers.

When there is even a single glimmer of light, or in these cases of sun, in cold and gray winter, any excuse is good to take a photo or a selfie portraying your own image. Although the best photos come out when there isn’t too much light around, selfies, perhaps, are best when there is plenty of suns to shine.

The “Hyena” Nina Palmieri knows this well, and lately, she fills her social container with some shots where she captures, with photos or small clips, the moments of her day. Between beers with friends before curfew and interventions on the radio, she is truly radiant.

But not only. Occasionally she allows herself the luxury of a solo shot. And when to take it, a selfie in fact, if not when the sun is shining outside and letting yourself be kissed by it. Nina teaches us how to do it, showing it to the followers who appreciate, more and more, her spontaneity and naturalness.

Sweet look and sun on her face: Nina Palmieri laughs

To let some light into the house you need a nice window. To ensure that the light is caught, you have to be in the window. Nina Palmieri knows well that she captures the beam of light at the right time, in the right place. Two shots where she is really smiling, but also radiant. Kissed more than ever by the sun.

Then the question to the followers on which shot to choose to understand where it expresses itself best. Many make no difference, they find it beautiful in both shots. There is also the comment of Laura Torrisi, who finds it increasingly fascinating.

Even when she is in position, ready for the stakeout by Iena, which she may be able to bring home in just three minutes, Nina prefers to be kissed alone. Whether in the relaxation area or at work, the brightest star near the Earth must never be missing.