Taylor Mega “bunny” hot: the towel barely covers her [VIDEO]


Taylor Mega takes your breath away in the latest story posted on her Instagram profile. The well-known influencer shows up only with a towel and attracts all the attention of fans. Details below

Taylor Mega is once again super sexy on her Instagram profile. The world-famous influencer has already delighted her fans on several occasions with breathtaking posts and hot stories and again, with the effect of bunny ears and only the towel to cover it, the effect is very intriguing. Born in Carlino in the province of Udine, she enters the world of entertainment through her great passion for fashion. In fact, she manages to create a real bikini brand called “Mega Swim”.

Success then flares up on Instagram. In 2018 she has already exceeded one million followers and this leads her to be invited to rather prestigious events and to be further known. 2019 is the year of her consecration which takes place in the world of television. In the same year, she participated, in fact, both in the Isola Dei Famosi and in Big Brother, conquering the public thanks to its beauty and a character that certainly stands out. And now her success does not stop, on Instagram and beyond.

Taylor Mega hot before going to sleep: only the towel covers her

In the contents posted on her Instagram profile, the well-known influencer often shows an enviable physique and a breathtaking body. This time, in the video posted among her stories, she highlights a very intriguing face and is covered only by the towel. The effect is definitely sexy and will surely have been appreciated by all of her fans. The influencer does an encore shortly after, posting a shot lying on the bed and once again with bunny ears.