Le Donatella, sensual Sunday: “The best part” [PHOTOS]


Even today, the Donatella’s make their followers stare with a new post in which they decide to show the “best part”

There is no Sunday without a post from the most beautiful twins on social networks, or ‘Le Donatella’. Giulia and Silvia Provvedi, in addition to having beautiful voices, enchant the people of social networks with their breathtaking beauties. In fact, their Instagram profile boasts 1.4 million followers, also conquered thanks to the help of their curves.

Even today the twins decide to delight their followers with a new heart-stopping post, in which they show off their “best part.” Fans appreciate and like.

The Donatella, their “best part” insight: the tank top drops dramatically

Their eyes and their voices have conquered the Italian public and not only, but also the curves of the two ‘Donatella’ are not joking. In fact, Giulia and Silvia are two very accomplices sisters also on social networks, in driving their followers crazy in the shared profile. In fact, the two regularly share new photos in which they assume the strangest and most sensual poses possible.

Also on this penultimate Sunday of the month, the two take three selfies that they insert into a post. In all three the two wear tank tops, one white and one pink, with a neckline that will take your breath away. Their enchanting eyes, lips, and even the tongue out so as not to miss anything, warm everyone on this cold day. In the description they write “The best part of me has always been yours”, confirming their attachment. Even the likes never disappoint expectations and reach 26,000 in less than an hour.