Expectant Chiara Ferragni drives you crazy: off the shirt, everything explodes! [PHOTOS]


Chiara Ferragni continues to amaze fans with her sensual pregnant photos. Via the shirt remains in the bra: explosive snap

Chiara Ferragni, even pregnant, has never given up on seductive and hot poses in these 8 months. The most famous fashion blogger in our country showed up, to the delight of fans, in a bra in the last shot, with nothing on. In the comments, followers literally went crazy, unleashing a stream of comments never seen before.

Fedez’s partner put aside for a moment the family shots between her husband and Leone, to dedicate herself to a hotter than normal photo, in which she showed herself to fans with the sweetness of a mother but with the sensuality never set aside. not even pregnant. The photo, in a few minutes, has already reached the record figure of 247 thousand likes and almost a thousand comments

Chiara Ferragni, another sensual shot in expectation: fans in delirium

An explosion of sensuality for Chiara Ferragni, always perfect in every shot and in every pose. In fact, at 8 months of pregnancy, there is little time left for the arrival of the second child, who as announced immediately by the couple will be a girl. While someone in the comments asked for the name of the unborn future, most fans were focused on the sensual pose of the woman, who never gives up looking beautiful and seductive.

As always, full of likes and comments for Ferragni, who broke the social networks with dizzying numbers. Almost 250 thousand hearts in less than an hour, and 1000 comments in the post, made up of three shots, one more beautiful than the other. Then in the caption, she writes: ” Starting my 8th month and 31st week like …”