Claudia Ruggeri with the lace body is a dream: good morning hot [PHOTO]


Claudia Ruggeri shows herself in a lace bodysuit: Sunday morning gets hot, the fans are crazy. An enchanting sight

She is Miss Claudia, a true beauty icon Claudia Ruggeri, star of “ Avanti un Altro ”, the pre-evening game show conceived and conducted by Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti. Former model and model, the girl is one of the most admired of the show.

Beautiful and staple of the broadcast since the first edition, she has held various roles, up to becoming the head of the “Mini World”; this includes decidedly sui generis characters. Married to the brother of Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis, she is the brunette beauty of the show, surrounded by a trio of dizzying blondes, for a poker to take your breath away.

The girl, however, continues to make photoshoots and update her fans through the Instagram profile that boasts a million followers. A resounding success for Claudia Ruggeri who uses very convincing arguments to be followed.

Claudia Ruggeri, what a show

Her account is, in fact, full of dizzying images, in which the girl shows herself in all her glory. Often in a bikini, as happened recently in memory of the summer, in which she is lying on a rock like a little mermaid or on the window sill in the bathroom of her house, before a bath in the tub.

body exposed without being vulgar, with sexy images that highlight her beauty and her long legs always proudly displayed. In the last post, however, she really exaggerated. A Sunday awakening – as she herself admitted – really hot.

In fact, she wears a transparent black lace bodysuit that highlights her “dangerous” curves. Heels really generous and perfect hips, until ‘ groin discovered by’ intimate very high cut brief . Hair gathered in a ponytail and telephone receiver to ear.

A disturbing photo that also triggered the reaction of her friend Laura Cremaschi . “See how you woke up on Sunday morning oh ” her message, a bit ‘the common thought of all Italians.