Miriam Leone covered with feathers and with a deep slit: never seen like this [PHOTO]


Miriam Leone wears a tight and elegant dress, the slit is really deep and makes her many followers on Instagram turn heads

Miriam Leone makes her many followers lose their heads as always with her incredible beauty and sensuality. A few minutes ago she posted a photo of her on her Instagram stories where she looks more seductive than ever.

The gorgeous actress wears a very tight pink long dress that highlights her fairytale body. The Lion is covered in pink feathers, but what is sending everyone into a tailspin is the deep slit of her elegant and provocative dress. The slit leaves her whole leg uncovered, barely covering her private parts. The hot detail is turning heads to its many fans.

It is certainly not the first time that  Miriam Leone enchants everyone with her beauty and sensuality. There are many spicy photos that she posts on her Instagram profile where she shows her breathtaking body to fans. It goes without saying that every time it sends the web into a frenzy. The actress is gorgeous, time passes but she is more and more beautiful and seductive.

Miriam Leone seductive on Instagram, the slit of her dress drives fans crazy

In addition to being a much loved and respected actress for many years,  Miriam Leone is increasingly appreciated and followed also on social networks. On her Instagram profile, she currently has 1.3 million followers, with her beauty and her wonderful curves she always manages to capture the attention and curiosity of her followers.

In Italy, the actress is one of the most loved women in the entertainment world, not only for her talent but also for her timeless beauty. A little while ago she posted on her Instagram stories a shot where she shows herself covered in pink feathers, the dress she is wearing is sending the web into a frenzy. It is an elegant, very tight pink dress with a very deep slit that is driving her followers crazy.