Elisabetta Canalis, the skirt is very short: a hot detail does not go unnoticed [PHOTO]


Elisabetta Canalis inflames the web once again with her sensuality and her screaming curves, a spicy detail makes her fans lose their heads

Elisabetta Canalis has once again set the web on fire in the last few hours. The beautiful and well-known showgirl in the night on her Instagram profile posted a very provocative photo of her with which she made her many fans lose their heads.

In the shot, Canalis is wearing a super tight black dress. The skirt is very short, barely covering her private parts. A spicy detail did not go unnoticed by her many followers. Which? Las showgirl is not wearing a bra, her nipple can be seen from the dress. Her décolleté is breathtaking.

With her incredible beauty and sensuality, Elisabetta Canalis always catches the attention of her fans. For years she has lived in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter Skyler, but continues to be very followed and appreciated on social media. She often provokes her followers with very hot photos that highlight her fairytale body. Her posts are always full of likes.

Is Elisabetta Canalis not wearing a bra? Crazy fans

Since she moved to Los Angeles  Elisabetta Canalis has moved a lot away from the world of entertainment and television, but she is increasingly followed on Instagram. Today the beloved showgirl has 2.8 million followers.

The shots posted by Canalis on Instagram always enchant her many fans, especially those in which she shows herself sensual and provocative. The years pass but her time seems to have stopped, at the age of 42 she is more and more beautiful and seductive. Its wonderful curves and its timeless beauty never make it go unnoticed.

The last post published by Elisabetta Canalis a few hours ago on Instagram sent the web into a frenzy. In the photo she is wearing a very short dress, her legs are breathtaking. Fans went crazy when they noticed she’s not wearing a bra. The post has so far won more than 72 thousand likes and lots of comments full of compliments.