Giovanna and Amadeus, best wishes to a special person: the PHOTO moves the web


It is a very important day for Giovanna Civitello and Amadeus, their son José celebrates his birthday today, he was born twelve years ago

Giovanna Civitello and her husband Amadeus celebrate today an important event. Which? The birthday of their son José, born twelve years ago from their beautiful love.

The couple shares the same Instagram profile, a little while ago they dedicated a special post to their son. To congratulate him they posted a family photo where the son is just a baby, from the shot you can feel love and immense happiness. In the caption of the post to the son, they said that he made their life beautiful as hell.

The photo published on the Instagram account of Giovanna Civitello and Amadeus on the occasion of their son’s birthday has moved the web. Many are wishing with immense affection a happy birthday to little José. The well-known and esteemed host and his wife have been together for many years, on Instagram they often share moments of their everyday life with their many and loyal fans. Theirs seems to be a very close and happy family.

Amadeus and Giovanna celebrate their son’s birthday, the special dedication on Instagram

Giovanna Civitello and Amadeus after many years from the beginning of their love story show today more and more in love and accomplices. From their splendid love was born little José who today 19 January 2021 turned 12 years old.

The couple’s son has brought immense joy into their lives, in the shot posted a little while ago on Instagram we read that he made her beautiful as hell. A family shot that shows all three of them together, very happy, little José was very small.

The family memory associated with the special dedication to little José greatly moved the many fans of  Amadeus and Giovanna Civitello. In less than an hour, the post has already won more than 7 thousand likes and lots of comments full of affection.