Eva Padlock, the costume does not contain it: neither up nor down [PHOTO]


Eva Padlock has inflamed social media with a photo bordering on the red dot. Skimpy swimsuit and curves on display: simply gorgeous

The bursting and captivating Eva Padlock is back to amaze everyone on social media. The wonderful Spanish model literally ignited social media with a spicy shot of hers, in which she shows herself in a super sensual pose. Bewitching leopard costume and diva pose, while the costume struggles to contain its abundant curves. A bomb of sensuality ready to explode, to the delight of its millions of fans.

It is certainly not new in spurts like that, the former Ombrellina of Moto GP. Stunning model and influencer, Eva began her journey into the world of social media a little late compared to her other colleagues but has been climbing the charts for years with truly breathtaking social content. The post shared a few minutes ago, has already reached the beauty of 40 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

Eva Padlock, from umbrellas to social media

Model of Sports Illustrated, influencers, fashion bloggers, and so on and so forth. Eva Padlock is a model born in Barcelona, born in 1984, and despite her 37 years of age, she dominates the realm of social media and fashion blogging. Out of the ordinary beauty and Junoesque forms, the former umbrella is used to cheer her fans with always spicy shots, sometimes almost at the limit of legality.

If from the photographic point of view she has practically no minuses, often showing herself in lingerie and underwear, from the sentimental point of view the woman is very reserved. It seems that she has in fact a relationship, which however she has always wanted to keep secret from the world of gossip. Meanwhile, it continues to win over millions of fans (1.8 million followers on Instagram), with shots that are always spicy and hot.