Stefania Orlando, the former accuses her live: “It’s all her fault”


The actor and ex-husband of Stefania Orlando, Andrea Roncato, interviewed by Barbara D’Urso, told about the end of her marriage. 

The Vippona Stefania Orlando is one of the competitors who is leaving her mark on the Big Brother Vip. The Roman since she entered the most spied house in Italy has always professed eternal love for her husband Simone Gianlorenzi, singer and guitarist. He talked a lot about his life, even about one of the worst experiences he ever had to go through. That is the death of her best friend.

Despite being so ready to share her story, she never told about her first marriage to actor Andrea Roncato. He, a guest of Barbara D’Urso, wanted to give his version of the facts as previously it seems that Orlando had told a version of the facts far from the truth.

The actor Andrea Roncato accuses his ex-wife of treason

Guest in Barbara D’Urso’s living room at Live is not D’Urso, the actor Andrea Roncato talked about his marriage with the Roman presenter and singer, now a competitor of Big Brother Vip. It seems that before entering the house of the Gf Vip, Stefania left some statements that the ex-husband did not like. In fact, Vippo confessed that her first marriage ended because of the jealousy of the actor’s second wife.

Unfortunately, it seems that the version told by the Roman does not coincide with reality. In fact, Roncato said that their marriage, which lasted only two years, ended because of Orlando. In fact, his ex-wife confessed to him that she has another man and wants to leave him. Andrea also confessed that bringing up jealousy is only a tool to attract visibility.