Sandra Milo, intimate confession about her boyfriend: “I don’t feel like it”


For a few weeks now she has been talking about Sandra Milo’s relationship with her new boyfriend, the much younger Alessandro Rorato. The actress reveals “intimate” details of their story.

Recently, the relationship between Sandra Milo, an icon of Italian cinema (but not only), and Alessandro Rorato, a man of 37 years younger but considered madly in love with the woman, has been going crazy on the pages of gossip magazines. She is 87, she is 50, in the middle also a ring and a story that, at least according to the words of the two, seems solid and absolutely genuine. Lately, the two have often been guests of various television broadcasts: the public who loves the gossip is intrigued by this relationship which seems to many only of convenience, but which by the same admission of the protagonists is definitely true.

Yesterday the last intervention on tv by Barbara D’Urso. Sandra Milo talked about her young partner revealing some ” intimate ” details of their relationship. Alessandro Rorato, who spoke from home as she was positive for Covid, could not help but listen to the actress’s confessions. That at D’Urso revealed that between the two there is not that physical intimacy that many would expect. In short, no sex, no kisses: the relationship is engaging but in fact platonic.

Sandra Milo and her boyfriend, love but no sex: “I’m not old”

The Milo has candidly confessed that sentirsela to establish a physical relationship with her much younger companion. In short, no sex with Alessandro Rorato, despite also the ring that the man gave to her “flame”. “ Obviously it’s not a story with that intimacy aspect. I’m not old and I don’t feel like it ”  confessed the actress and former Italian film diva. An absolutely platonic story between the two, which does not even include kisses or particular intimacies.

“ Spiritual, platonic love has always existed. They are wonderful forms of love ”Sandra Milo admitted candidly. Love yes, in short, but at a “distance”.