Andrea Zenga, the brother is unleashed live on the father: frost in the studio


Andrea Zenga’s brother, Nicolò, a guest of D’Urso, tells his version of events. A friend of his fathers intervenes in the studio. The fight is tough.

For a few weeks now, the son of a well-known former Inter goalkeeper has entered the house of Big Brother Vip. This is Andrea Zenga, son of the very famous Walter Zenga. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two has always been null because, according to what his children say, the father was never there in the most important moments of their life. The Vippone was able to talk about his story on live television urged by Alfonso Signorini who could not wait to bet everything on the Zenga family for a bit of share.

The words used by the boy seem not to have liked the former footballer who tried in his own way to intervene and make the situation clear. To take Andrea’s defense, however, his brother, Nicolò, ran. As a guest of D’Urso, the boy talked about how he spent his life without the presence of his father.

The overwhelming evidence against the version of the Zenga brothers

Guest by Barbara D’Urso on Domenica LiveNicolò Zenga intervened to confirm the version told by his younger brother Andrea. At that point, however, a journalist and a great friend of Walter, father of the boys, took the floor. According to what he said, it seems that it is not true that the former footballer has never been present in the lives of his children. In fact, it also shows a photo of the former goalkeeper and Nicolò in 2017 in Dubai.

The boy replied in a very calm and calm way that every time he met his father it was only by his will and he was the one who took the first step, never vice versa. In any case, Nicolò confessed that he does not want to carry this diatribe for long. He absolutely does not want to blame his father, he would even be ready to leave everything behind with a sincere hug and not like those given in the past that have not led to any future.