Melita Toniolo the PHOTO with him moves the fans: but the announcement is surprising


Melita Toniolo I moved her fans with a very tender shot. The photo in the company and the announcement that surprises the followers in the caption

Melita Toniolo once again wanted to give space to her little Daniel on her Instagram profile. In fact, in the last two shots shared by the showgirl, the 3-year-old son appeared on her profile, for an explosion of boundless sweetness. The shot shared a few minutes ago, shows mother and son, in the most classic of family pictures, with Daniel in her mother’s arms while making a nice tongue.

Together with the post, in the caption, Toniolo, after wishing everyone a happy Sunday, wanted to reveal something new to her followers, writing: “I’m going to record a very funny program! – then he concludes – What are you doing today? The post received more than 3 thousand likes and many comments

Melita Toniolo surprises everyone: emotional fans

The wonderful Melita Toniolo has put aside the sensual and provocative shots, at least for the moment, to give space to her little son in the last hours. A couple of photos, to move the fans, in which the woman showed herself in several clothes with little Daniel. In the post shared today, in the late morning, Melita showed herself together with her son born in 2017, in a photo a few months ago.

In the photo, Daniel was only years old, while in December 2020 he turned 3. An old shot to soften the fans, and new news to tease them. “I will record a very funny program,” he wrote in the caption, intriguing and not just her millions of followers on Instagram