Can Yaman “formalizes” Diletta Leotta with a song [VIDEO]


The rumors that speak of a “dangerous” rapprochement between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman seem to be confirmed. The actor posts a song on Instagram, is it for her?

All the dots begin to connect. Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, if this is not a confirmation, we are short of it. Yesterday the presenter arrived in Naples to present, today, the match between the Azzurri and Fiorentina. An arrival shared with her people on Instagram with a precise song: A Night in Naples.

A few minutes ago the actor released a story with the same song in her turn, with unequivocal lines “ I met an angel ” that seem to be directed towards her new flame. There are still no official confirmations on this love story, but it now seems that everything is ready to bring both of them out.

Could the Turkish star, protagonist of the TV series DayDreamer, also reach the slopes of Vesuvius? The gossip newspapers are already working to ” find ” the two protagonists of the pink ” soap opera ” of early 2021.

Can Yaman, dedication to Diletta Leotta? She greets him on the radio

Judging from the images, and from the recent events that have seen them as protagonists, there seems to be no doubt. However, it is better to wait for the voices of the two protagonists to be able to formalize everything. Already yesterday the Leotta on the radio had greeted her (alleged) new boyfriend live, adding another clue to the proof of the nascent love story between the two.

Certainly judging by the ” crumbs ” left on Instagram, first by her and a few minutes ago also by the Turkish actor, it seems that the path traced is the one that leads to the actual engagement. In the next few hours, any statements from one of the two are expected, especially to explain this suspicious coincidence of the song ” A night in Naples”.