Valentina Vignali begins the day like this: followers lose their minds [PHOTOS]


The haunted influencer Valentina Vignali makes her followers lose their minds by posting a photo of the beginning of her day.

The Rimini influencer continues to be successful and conquer followers who on his Instagram profile have reached 2 million and three hundred. La cestita became known to the Italian public thanks to her participation in Men and Women, at the time of Monte, let’s talk about 2011. From there she began her career on Instagram between poisonous comments and digs, alternating with very provocative photographs. Vignali had to put her career aside due to a health problem in 2012, returning even stronger to the basketball courts.

Valentina is a girl with an athletic and statuesque body, she collaborates with many famous brands and her winning weapon is certainly the sincerity and the strong character that she has shown to have in the house of Big Brother. Often ends up in the center of the gossip, the ex-boyfriend is Stefano Laudon I who fortunately for her is just a bad memory today. The girl has been engaged for about two years to the photographer Lorenzo Orlandi who managed to bring a smile back to Rimini’s face.

If a good day starts in the morning, it’s a wonderful day for Vignali [Photo]


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Vignali’s post made her 2 million followers lose their minds, a magazine photo, so much so that it looks beautiful and fake. The cestita is sitting down to breakfast with a plate of pancakes that make your mouth water just looking at them. In the second photo, however, Vignali shows us the panorama of the location where she is with her boyfriend. A photo that really does justice to the beauty of the place but above all of a unique suggestiveness.

Valentina is spending a few days with her Lorenzo in a hotel in Switzerland, a paid stay that the cestita is sponsoring but on closer inspection from the photos, it doesn’t seem to be a hard job for the girl, especially if done in good company.

A truly enchanting place, the perfect place to spend the winter. Staying warm, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the snowfall.