Chiara Ferragni, the best wishes drive fans crazy: “For twenty years” [PHOTOS]


The influencer and digital entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni, dedicate a very special post to a person who has always been in her life.

It seems to know Chiara Ferragni personally as she constantly publishes updates about her private life. A little Keeping up with the Kardashian style, but in a digital version. The Milanese had frightened her followers a lot when a couple of days ago she announced that she had to go for an emergency ultrasound.

By now, the digital entrepreneur is in the eighth month of her second child’s pregnancy and following a fall she ran to check if the child had suffered any damage. Fortunately, all is well that ends well. Chiara got a good scare, but nothing more. Moreover, among the various photos published by the influencer on her social profile, you can see the little Ferragnez smiling.

A special dedication to a very important person, the post moves the web

Today is the birthday of Filippo Fiora, one of the best friends of the Cremona influencer. The boy, fellow citizen, and colleague of the digital entrepreneur is celebrating her 31st birthday today. Chiara and Filippo have been inseparable for the past 17 years, or since they both found themselves in the same class in high school. Ferri’s dedication, as Fedez playfully calls it, moved the web.

Despite the commitments and distances, it is always nice to see and witness that true friendship and pure feelings still exist. In fact, the two have both had truly unparalleled success, managing to make the most of the digital revolution. Fiora as a simple influencer, together with her partner and colleague Filippo Cirulli, also opened a luxury shoe business. The two realized their dream of becoming stylists by founding Edhèn Milano, a men’s footwear brand.