Laura Cremaschi launches the challenge and unbuttons the shirt: crazy followers [PHOTO]


Laura Cremaschi has renewed the invitation to her fans. The revived contest and the photo to attract followers on her profile: unbuttoned shirt and exaggerated neckline

She attracted her followers to her profile like a mermaid. Instead of singing and her suave voice though, Laura Cremaschi used her gorgeous curves to attract new followers to the home. The contest, now famous, is that of the giveaway. Very popular among YouTubers, streamers, and only last but not least influencers. A format saw and revised especially in conjunction with the Christmas holidays.

YouTubers, streamers, and influencers, therefore, attract followers on the various channels with the promise of a gift to one or more lucky participants. All people ask is a simple follow and sometimes alike. The result, thousands of more followers and great profile visibility.

Laura Cremaschi, second day for the PS5

It is the second and penultimate day to grab the console offered by Laura Cremaschi. The model, like last month, took advantage of the launch of the well-known Sony console to take advantage of the famous giveaway format on her profile. Given the success of December, the fashion blogger has therefore decided to double the fun.

In fact, this time there will be two Play Stations up for grabs for fansAll, of course, explanations and instructions for participation, seasoned with spicy and sensual photos. In the post shared this morning, unbuttoned shirt and decollete on display, to the delight of her millions of fans.