Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, definitive divorce: the assets are discussed


Kim and Kanye’s divorce is imminent, close sources have confirmed the final breakup. Now the most difficult task: to divide the assets.

2021 hasn’t started in the best way for one of the most powerful and loved couples in the US. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are ready to officially say goodbye after a year of crisis they hoped to overcome through couples therapy. Apparently, there was nothing to do, the eldest of the Kardashians was very close to the rapper after the discovery of his bipolarity but apparently, their paths are about to divide forever.

After this news, which had already amazed their fans, another one arrived that left them totally blown away. According to a famous Tik Toker, apparently, a well-known beauty guru, Jeffry Star, would also be involved in this breakup. In the world of beauty, it was not new news and the girl felt free to leave the indiscretion once the news of the divorce was made known. The Tik Toker has never mentioned the name of Jeffry Star, but I like to put some comments that made his name.

The fall of the Kardashian-West Empire: this is how they will divide the heritage

Their love, after children and a total fortune of about 2 billion dollars has come to an end, now the most difficult task is to divide the assets equally. It is not easy to decide what belongs to whom, but the most complicated issue remains the custody of their four children. The Kardashians can keep for themselves all proceeds earned from his clothing line and that although he used the surname and Flying ex-husband. Even the money earned by the famous television series “Keeping up with Kardashian” will be able to keep it entirely for herself, despite the fact that her husband has appeared several times.

The sore point would be their mansion in California, where the children grew up, and the one that is taking a little longer than expected. Kim obviously presses for the house, Kanye is the owner of the house but his wife owns the lots adjacent to it. It is a villa of about 1300 square meters, two swimming pools, and a vineyard. In addition to the economic value, there is a sentimental and emotional value involved. The question of children is very delicate, they will try to obtain custody at 50% and avoid making unnecessary wars. Nobody in California of the two parents can leave the state with their children without the permission of the other. We’ll see.