Valentina Ferragni must also explain the obvious to her followers [PHOTOS]


The little one from the Ferragni family, Valentina, has published a very tender Instagram story with her grandson Leo. The Milanese had to point out the obvious.

The well-known influencer born in Cremona, Valentina Ferragni, has a notable following on social media. Obviously, her popularity can only be a point in her favor given the work she does. Unfortunately, however, the world of social media is very difficult to navigate as it is constantly under the scrutiny of thousands and thousands, if not millions, of people. This is a downside that must always be taken into consideration and it seems that the young model is familiar with haters and trolls online.

However, the Ferragni family has adopted a method that appears to be infallible. Respond in kind to hater comments. This time it happened to Valentina who, in the company of her nephew Leo, published an Instagram story. Many of her followers pointed out to her that she had written a word wrong.

A very quiet evening in the company of her sister and nephew has turned, again, into a reason for question and answer between Valentina and some too fussy followers. In fact, the young influencer posted a very tender photo in which she appears from behind with Leo intent on watching television. The disputed writing in the Milanese style was “the game of the dance”.

All the obvious captains rushed to report the young entrepreneur’s dramatic and irremediable error. But she, as always, responded in kind. In the following story, she specified that she obviously knows very well how to spell the word dance. The model pointed out that she wanted to joke by writing the word as it is pronounced by the grandson. Do not mess with the Ferragni family, the three sisters are always ready to respond in kind.

Gorgeous with a really trendy autumn look.