Fear for Chiara Ferragni, she ends up in hospital: “Better be sure”


Moments of apprehension for Chiara Ferragni and Fedez. The most famous fashion influencer in Italy ends up in the hospital for a “check-up” visit. What happened to the Blond Salad?

Chiara Ferragni is preparing to live the last weeks of her second pregnancy. The most famous fashion influencer in Italy, and among the most famous in the world, carries Leone’s little sister in her womb who, in all probability, should be called Rachele. The gestation continues at its best for Ferragni who, however, has been the victim of a small accident in the last few hours. For which she ended up in the hospital for a checkup. But what happened to Mrs. Fedez?

Walking through Milan, Ferragni ran into a fall. Nothing serious, if it weren’t for her state concerned. And just to make sure that the little girl in her belly had not suffered any damage, the influencer went to the hospital for a check-up. A necessary and understandable scruple, considering that the woman is experiencing the very last weeks of pregnancy, with the second daughter who will be born in February.

To give direct testimony of everything was her through a series of short videos published as Instagram stories.

Chiara Ferragni, a small fall a few days after giving birth

Chiara Ferragni specified that she went to the hospital only as a precaution, to undergo a checkup. Fortunately for her, and for her daughter, there were no particular consequences for the fall that occurred. In short, both are in good health, and in a few weeks, the Ferragnez will be able to hug their second child.

Meanwhile, they find ” confirmation ” of the rumors that speak of a possible series broadcast on Prime Video with their own protagonists, the Ferragnez. In fact, in a live Twitch Fedez was given an embarrassed, unequivocal, laugh when a fan asked for info on a possible project with the two protagonists.

Ferragni’s reaction was also interpreted as an “admission” of the rumors.


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