Diletta Leotta, how wonderful: Sundays are always hot [PHOTOS]


The beautiful sports journalist, Diletta Leotta, returned to the field for the great pleasure of viewers. The Catania team drives fans crazy.

The TV presenterDiletta Leotta, continues to inflame the rumors regarding her relationship with the boxer Daniele Scardina. According to various newspapers, it seems that a rapprochement is underway between the two. There is no official status and also the two have declared on several occasions that now their love story has come to an end.

Some like to nail them. In fact, nothing escapes the watchful eyes of fans who have identified some rather suspicious social movements. It seems that Scardina has left like to a photo in particular of the beautiful Catania and you know, everything starts from a simple heart on Instagram.

The presenter returns to the football field, the fans go crazy

Whether you wear a tight-fitting dress and simply a jacket with a turtleneck underneath, Diletta Leotta always manages to stir the minds of viewers. This Sunday, despite the rain and bad weather, she returned to the football field as a sports correspondent. The fans could only be more than happy. The journalist sports a light make-up that frames her face highlighting her hazel eyes.

She was photographed in a moment of distraction as she smiles and looks at something in the distance. By now we are sure of only two things in this period, on Sunday there are football matches and the magnificent Leotta on television. Her role as TV host and correspondent for DAZN has established itself over time. One cannot imagine a march without his presence on the field.

Smiling and happy to be back on the football field, making your job a passion is something not everyone can do!