Cristina Marino in the mirror without a bra: it’s magic! [PHOTOS]


Cristina Marino raises the temperatures at this icy start of the year and shows herself “without veils” on Instagram. In the mirror without a bra, the fans go wild. The picture.

Cristina Marino knows how to raise temperatures in this early year characterized by cold and snow. Luca Argentero’s partner, in fact, sends her fans into raptures on Instagram with a photo in which she shows herself from the bust-up without veils. A shot in the mirror for her who, however, covers Side A with her arms; revealing only a few details of her breasts. However, just enough to fill up with likes: Marino’s personal “good morning” was particularly appreciated by the public: in a few minutes, there are already almost 11 thousand likes that arrived under the photo.

The enviable physical form that of Mrs. Argentero. Cristina Marino shows a decidedly perfect line, with the abdominal part well pulled and defined. Evidently, the woman, born in 1991, managed not to overdo it at the table during the holidays.

Cristina Marino and Luca Argentero in “crisis”. The actor’s alarm


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In the last few hours, a phrase has been circulating, said Luca Argentero, which has put the couple’s fans a little apprehensive. A statement that many have considered almost an alarm that could anticipate a possible break between the two (which are 14 years apart) but which in reality has been misinterpreted by the most mischievous.

“How many unspoken truths are hidden behind a seemingly perfect life …?” this is the sentence that Luca Argentero published together with a photo that portrays him with his partner.

In reality, even according to Cristina Marino herself, the couple’s life between the two is splendidly well. So alarm (if there ever was) that he immediately returned to base.


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