Chiara Nasti in transparent shirt: “Lift my spirits” [VIDEO]


Things are not going well for Chiara Nasti, who on her Instagram profile communicates that she is with low morale: the shirt is transparent

The beautiful Chiara Nasti does not live the situation related to the weather and Covid in the best way. In fact, the splendid influencer would seem to suffer from the gloomy days of these weeks and the fact of having to stay at home for the anti-Covid measures.

Through the stories, Instagram reveals her malaise, but to take the leading role is the transparent shirt that highlights the explosive curves. Followers can’t help but throw their eyes on us.

Chiara Nasti, transparent shirt from heart attack: morale on the ground

Instagram is her world and the beautiful Chiara Nasti continues to collect acclaim through social mediaBut today it would seem not to be a positive day for her, as she herself testifies in the stories on her official social profile. In fact, on this gloomy day, the influencer complains of not being able to go out and to be with the morale down.

The situation due to the anti-Covid restrictions also forces her to stay at home on a day that she declares she cannot bear, namely Sunday. However, her outfit takes over the leading role of the story. In fact, the influencer shows herself with a black shirt that is practically transparent and that highlights her breasts which, as always, are incredibly explosive. Her request to followers to raise her spirits is certainly welcomed by her many followers, currently more than 1.7 million. In fact, it would be curious to be able to see how many messages have arrived in private with encouragement and compliments.


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