Meghan Markle expecting a baby? The pregnancy indiscretion


Are Meghan Markle and Harry expecting their second child? The former Duchess shows a very suspicious tummy while walking with her husband in Los Angeles

Will Meghan Markle and Harry become parents for the second time in a few months? The ex Duchess could be pregnant again, to launch the indiscretion was the weekly Gente publishing on the cover a photo of the former actress who tries to hide a very suspicious tummy with a long coat.

Markle has been pinched while her coat is open, her shapes appear to be much more rounded than usual. This suggests that she may indeed be pregnant. Many have also noticed that the jacket was a little too heavy for 18 degrees in Los Angeles, did you wear it just to hide the already evident tummy?

Another clue has suggested that Meghan Markle may be expecting her second child. Which? After long periods of bickering and bickering, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton will go to America for the first time to visit Harry and Meghan. Between them, it seems to be clear and they will probably go to them to congratulate them on their pregnancy.

Is Meghan Markle pregnant? The pronounced tummy suggests so

A few months ago Meghan Markle was already pregnant but lost her baby last July. It was she who told the sad story a few weeks ago, the pain she and her husband felt was immense.

The former duchess said she felt bad while changing her son, at that moment she immediately realized that something was going wrong. The loss of a child is certainly not a pain that is easily overcome, it remains etched in the heart forever. However, the arrival of another child could help the couple to move on after the delicate period faced by the loss of their child.

Is Meghan Markle Really Pregnant? Will she and Harry soon become parents for the second time? At the moment we cannot yet know for sure, the people directly involved have not made the news official. However, from the photos published by the weekly Gente,  the tummy of the former Duchess seems really suspicious, new rumors are expected to find out if she is really pregnant.