Elena Santarelli test tube cook: as beautiful as the sun [PHOTO]


Elena Santarelli enchants everyone with her incredible beauty, the showgirl shows herself in a proven cook version and drives her fans crazy

Elena Santarelli returns to win the attention of the many fans who follow and love her on Instagram. The well-known showgirl has been much appreciated and loved for years. Over the years it has managed to get noticed more and more and conquer everyone.

The famous showgirl loves to cook and often shares her delicious dishes with her followers. Last night she posted a photo of her holding a pot of gnocchi with sauce in her hands. More than the food, however, her many fans were enchanted by her incredible beauty.

Elena Santarelli shows herself in her simplicity at home, in a soap and water version and with a comfortable sweater that leaves nothing to be seen. The beautiful showgirl has however won the approval of her many followers, they have filled her once again with likes and compliments. Its beauty never goes unnoticed.

Elena Santarelli in the role of ‘cook’ on Instagram, fans like the photo


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In the past, Elena Santarelli has made space in the world of fashion and television. In 2005, the program led by Amadeus, the Legacy, made her more successfulOver the years it has become increasingly known, the former model now plays the role of commentator.

Not only on television, but Santarelli is also in fact increasingly loved and followed on social networks. On her Instagram profile today she has 1.8 million followers, they never miss an opportunity to remind her when she is wonderful.

Her fabulous body and her beauty never make her go unnoticed, for many the showgirl is too thin, others think her body is breathtaking. In any way, she shows herself, however, she drives her many fans crazy. Even the last shot posted yesterday of her in the ‘test-tube’ version is pleasing a lot to her followers. The photo has already won more than 22 thousand likes and lots of comments full of affection and compliments. Elena Santarelli is wonderful.


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