Valentina Ferragni and the super hot pole dance: “Fly with me” [PHOTO]


Influencer Valentina Ferragni posted a photo that her fans really liked. It seems to touch the sky with a finger

At the end of the lockdown, everything could return to normal and so it happened for the very popular Valentina Ferragni. So nice to go back to the usual routine that the influencer almost seems to touch the sky with a finger. And that’s exactly what she does and it’s an invitation to her followers too: “ Fly with me”.

After two months of blocking for everyone, Valentina is back to training for pole dance. She has been passionate about this sport for years and it is always nice to see her dance. Her audience is happy with the return to the dance and comment on her photo with only many compliments.

Valentina and Chiara Ferragni, a dip in memories

A few days ago it was Valentina Ferragni’s birthday who turned 28. One of the best gifts she received from her sister Chiara. Her “big sister” has posted on her social profile a series of photos portraying the two most beautiful sisters ever. Moments of ordinary life, events, or in the family, Chiara greatly intrigued the fans of both who filled the post with thousands of wishes.

Valentina and Chiara are both influencers (the third sister instead deals with something else), but the road to success was not easy for the younger sister. When Valentina began her journey on social media it was four years ago, after her sister Chiara.

Success was practically written mainly because her name was associated with that of a marketing “star”. But this does not mean having the road ready, On the contrary, Valentina had to work hard to be able to carve out a small space to assert herself. She has been criticized a lot and hates her for some time, but it still happens, they target her by saying that without her sister she would be nobody. They insult her for her physique, her choices, and much more. Valentina, however, with her head held high and with simplicity, silenced everyone with a great success achieved by herself and with the birth of her jewelry brand.