Flavio Briatore acts as a guinea pig and leaves the fans in disbelief: “How did you do it?”


Flavio Briatore in Dubai acts as a guinea pig during a dangerous performance and leaves his many fans speechless, this is what the entrepreneur did

Flavio Briatore yesterday posted a video on his Instagram profile with which he left everyone speechless. The reason? The well-known and wealthy businessman in the posted video shows himself in his Dubai clubthe Billionaire, where he acts as a guinea pig for a knife thrower. Fortunately, the number succeeds perfectly.

Briatore remains motionless while the man throws the knives, in the video we see that he smiles, he does not seem to be afraid. The fans said they were incredulous, they don’t understand how it is possible that he decided to do such a thing. Lots of comments posted under the post published by the entrepreneur. Some think he is crazy, others with irony have written that surely the knife thrower will be super precise otherwise he would not pay it. Others told him he was really brave.

Flavio Briatore in Dubai with his family, at the Billionaire he acts as a guinea pig for a knife thrower

Flavio Briatore has been in Dubai for a few days for work and to enjoy a few days of vacation and relaxation with his son Nathan Falco. The two celebrated the New Year together in the United Arab Emirates, Gregoraci was not with them.

The former gieffina had remained in Rome where she was engaged with  Big Brother Vip. Immediately after the New Year, however, the soubrette joined her son and ex-husband in Dubai, where they are spending a few more days of vacation together. Many posts and stories posted in recent days by Gregoraci where he shows himself in Dubai with Nathan. After the separation, she and Briatore continue to have an excellent relationship, especially for the sake of the son. They both put his happiness and serenity first.