Elisabetta Gregoraci in costume does the handstand: what a beastly body! [PHOTOS]


She showed off a real bestial physique, the wonderful Elisabetta Gregoraci. The shot that ignites the web: “Vertical upside down”

Elisabetta Gregoraci tries to shake off worries. The amazing showgirl, who made people talk about herself in all sorts of ways, showed up today with a post that made her fans lose their breath. The photo in costume, directly from Dubai, in perfect vertical on a trunk of a palm tree. A screaming two-piece costume and an enviable physique for Briatore’s ex-wife, who then joked in the caption.

“Upside down” and a face with its tongue out, in spite of all the controversies that have accompanied it in recent weeks. Let me be clear, no fuss, just some voices of unhappy fans for her untimely exit from the GF Vip house. Meanwhile, Elisabetta is enjoying her vacation and once again amazed her millions of fans.

Elisabetta Gregoraci vertically from Dubai: fans in delirium in the comments

A costume shot in the middle of winter. Elisabetta amazed her millions of fans, between yesterday and today, showing herself in a spicy bikini, from Dubai where she is on vacation. The woman, who left the house of GF Vip as soon as she learned the news of the extension of the broadcast beyond 2021, immediately packed her bags to go home to her ex-husband and son.

A holiday to the sound of hot costume shots and photos with her son (together with the entrepreneur Briatore), to the delight of her followers. Between yesterday and today, two shots, one more seductive than the other. Black bikini and yellow bikini, upside down and kneeling, the result doesn’t change. Fans, needless to say, flooded the photo with likes and comments, 25 thousand in just over half an hour and almost 900 comments.


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