Elena Morali with pigtails is really hot: crazy fans [PHOTOS]


The well-known Bergamo showgirl, Elena Morali, publishes a photo in a bathing suit that left all her followers breathless. 

In the last period, she has been the protagonist of many gossip and rumors remaining on the crest of the wave for a very long time. Elena Morali, born in 1990, has made a name for herself in the world of entertainment and television as a model, influencer, and showgirl. But, more than anything else, her relationship with Luigi Favoloso, ex of Nina Moric, was mainly talked about. Their ups and downs have been told in all television salons, especially in those of Barbara D’Urso.

After so much back and forth, constantly shared with their followers, it seemed that the two had finally parted at the end of the year, specifically in October 2020. Instead, their love and their passion cannot keep them apart and their story continues. in full sail, so much so that they also celebrated the arrival of 2021 together.

The influencer asks for advice from their followers, what gives them the most?


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The beautiful Bergamo publishes a photo in which she appears in better shape than ever. The Moral wearing a pink swimsuit that brings out perfectly all its wonderful forms. She looks straight into the camera lens with a very sensual wink and seems to be staring at each of her followers individually. A fairly elaborate make-up frames her face and boxer braids complete the final look.

In this period it seems that Elena is happy more than ever, her love story with Luigi Favoloso , despite the ups and downs, continues to go on. Moreover, even from a professional point of view, the influencer certainly cannot complain, in fact it boasts a following of about 1.1 million followers.

The New Year of Fire by Elena Morali and Luigi Favoloso .


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