Cristina Marino, breakfast in bed. “But where are the briefs?” [PHOTOS]


The Milanese actress, Cristina Marino, Luca Argentero’s partner, shares a very intimate moment with her followers. The web goes wild.

Actress and model, Cristina Marino, had an unusual 2020. Despite having had to deal with a global pandemic, like the rest of the world, it still owes a lot to the past year. In fact, her first daughter, Nina, was born in 2020. The Marino and Argentero, the father of the child, could only be in the seventh heaven, but they are very protective of their little one.

In fact, the actor indulged in a long and intense outburst on social media when some newspapers decided to paparazzi the couple and publish the photographs in which the newborn was also there. The gesture did not go at all to the new father who immediately made the situation clear by declaring ” We are disgusted to see how the editors of two newspapers allow the face of a newborn to be published … it is immoral to fail the will of a parent” 

The actress posted a very ambiguous photo, an I see I do not see that it drives the web crazy

The company Luca ArgenteroCristina Marino, released a shot that left her followers breathless. The photograph shows the model in bed enjoying breakfast. It seems that the new mother has received a wonderful surprise from her partner, the one that everyone would like and have wanted at least once in their life, breakfast in bed. In fact, just as the 28-year-old writes, this gesture is the symbol of true love.

Most of the comments, however, have focused on the actress’s outfit who doesn’t seem to wear much. In fact, some followers have just asked the Milanese where her briefs were. A very risky and explicit question, but certainly web users are not afraid to ask these kinds of questions or even much stronger comments. In the photo, you don’t see the video of the new mother, only the torso and part of the legs, which makes the shot very sensual.