Bianca Guaccero, the shirt goes down: never seen like this [PHOTO]


Host Bianca Guaccero posted a photo that left her fans speechless. A very sensual black and white shot

“Every moment is a new beginning… I love you”. With these words, Bianca Guaccero gave her a happy year to Instagram followers, but she also refers to something else. In a black and white shot with bare shoulders, the presenter honored her fans with such beauty.

Many have written to her to congratulate her, to give her a happy new year too, but not only for these two reasons. Some even made her big good luck for a bright future both privately and professionally. And the news seems to be just around the corner. What is it about?

Bianca’s return to Detto Fatto 

The previous year was chaotic for everyone, but as far as Bianca Guaccero’s work is concerned, it didn’t end in the best way. There was a lot of criticism after the “shopping in high heels” tutorial that went around the web and collected several negative opinions, but Bianca is ready to return to the command of the transmission.

Head held high, the presenter declared that 2021 will be a year full of news and she had already mentioned it on Instagram by writing: I’ll wait for you at 15:15 today on Rai Due! Let’s start the breakthrough year! Given the precedents, we hope so. However, something good must be taken from every situation and Bianca, after taking responsibility for what happened in the program, admitted that she had learned a lot from that experience and that surely it will not happen a second time.

Among the novelties of the year, there will be several entertainments, many tutors, and therefore many tutorials. Among the supporters will not miss  Carla Gozzi and Jonathan Kashanian. What Bianca is giving is a great example of professionalism and love for her work. When you make a mistake it is essential not to hide and above all, it is important to admit your faults to start over more radiant than before. Good luck!