Sandra Milo and the hot proposals on social media: “Here’s what they send me” [PHOTOS]


Sandra Milo despite her almost 90 years is very active on social media and, like the younger influencers, they receive “hot” proposals from followers and accusations from haters. She responds like this.

She was one of the greatest divas of our cinema, among the most beautiful women in Italy (but not only) and muse of a master like Federico Fellini. Sandra Milo is part of the cinematic history of the boot and today she is a splendid 87-year-old woman who, despite her age, does not hold back if she has to show her sensuality. The actress recently indulged in some “ nude ” shots: for the cover of Flewid magazine, in fact, Milo had herself portrayed without veils, covered only by a white sheet.

A photo that caused a sensation but which demonstrates Sandra Milo‘s desire to still be young, disturbing, and sensual. The shot, however, unleashed haters but not only: some men on social media have in fact advanced ” hot ” proposals to the actress, who denounced everything directly on Instagram. With all due respect to her unusual and provocative suitors.

Sandra Milo and the hot proposal: “But I’m not interested”


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Guest a few days ago in Mara Venier’s living room on Domenica In, Sandra Milo had declared that she was sharing a story with a man clearly younger than her of 37 years, a restaurateur profession. The actress also admitted to having received the engagement ring, to seal a relationship in front of which many on social media have expressed some perplexity. The Milo But on Instagram denounced a fact that concerns: having received indecent proposals (but not only) by some followers, particularly after the release of the cover in which only appears covered by a sheet.

” I have been receiving obscene proposals and pornographic material for months and months, even before these artistic photos”  complains Milo, who then goes on to reveal that she often receives photos of male members. Not only that, but someone would also have come forward for “intimate” meetings, ” But I’m not interested ” says the actress.


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