Eva Padlock with nothing on: heart attack transparencies [VIDEO]


Eva Padlock has blown everyone away with her video posted on Instagram. In a very sensual way, she wishes her followers good night

Eva Padlock, how much sensuality in her latest video. Her invitation is “Be yourself” and her social presentation continues to prove it. The sexy little umbrella said good night to her followers with a short video: sitting on the bed, wearing a black dress (for the night?) That is completely transparent and with a décolleté that looks like it’s almost ready to pop.

The only thing the followers could do is remain open-mouthed and then say good night to her too through hundreds of messages dedicated to her strong sensuality and disarming beauty. There are also those who ironically write that they have envied the cat lying behind her.


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Eva Padlock, loved on social media but private life?

The beautiful Spanish model began her career as an umbrella in Moto Gp and Superbike races. The influencer had the boom of success through social media but also thanks to a photoshoot for Sports Illustrated. Eva is loved by her followers on Instagram, her profile has almost 2 million followers, but it is also easy to understand why so much love.

In addition to being a Juventus fan and this works in her favor, the beautiful Eva boasts a profile full of sensuality. The images she posts cannot be called entirely sober, but her audience loves her for it. Super sexy clothes, lingerie, a body of fear, and dizzying transparencies.

Each of her posts is definitely a hit. But what about her private life? According to rumors, a lucky man exists, but Eva prefers to keep her privacy and keep her beloved away from the gaze of social media. The only news that concerns her is the fact that, like her, he is an avid Juventus fan. It also seems that he is not jealous since Eva always posts “undressed” photos and very, very sexy!


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