Mercedesz Henger covered only by foam: an enchanting panorama [PHOTO]


Beautiful Mercedes Henger in the tub: only the foam covers her intimacy. A show that sends its followers into raptures

She is influencer Mercedesz Henger, super provocative and beautiful, daughter of the former porn star Eva and the red light producer Riccardo Schicchi. Still looking for her true path, she is often a guest in Barbara D’Urso’s living rooms, considered as the gossip spotlight has turned on her after the quarrels with her mother.

The cause of the discord with the parent is her boyfriend Lucas Peracchi, accused by Eva Henger of being violent towards her daughter. Theses denied, these by the girl who, indeed, in turn, attacked her mother for a question and answer that often animated the studies of Canale 5.

Class 1991, Mercedesz Henger just recently unveiled a drastic change in her life. Lover of animals and convinced animal rights activist, she announced her lifestyle change; will become a vegetarian, one of those “pain in the ass” as explained in an “Instagram Stories”.

Love for animals far exceeds love for meat and she seems adamant in her decision, explaining how she will keep her followers informed about her food breakthrough.

Mercedes Henger, what a show in the tub


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Very active on Instagram where she boasts over 700 thousand followers, the beautiful Henger is a constant provocation on the well-known social network. She frequently posts images in which she always shows herself very open, exhibiting her perfect physique in the eyes of admirers.

Just recently she published an image of her from behind, sitting on a rock wearing a one-piece swimsuit that showcased her entire back, really perfect and firm. A sort of mermaid, with her hair tied up and looking towards the horizon.


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But it is in the last image that she definitely raised the erotic rateCompletely naked, she is immersed in a bathtub and only the foam covers the decollete and her intimacies. A truly dizzying photo, with blonde hair flowing behind her back and a truly penetrating gaze.