Mariana Rodriguez stretches everyone from behind: first floor right there – PHOTO


Mariana Rodriguez and that back focus that leaves you speechless: the Venezuelan model is increasingly provocative. Fans lying down

A model to make your head spin, Mariana Rodriguez from Venezuela who has been transplanted to our country for years and is well integrated. Born in Caracas in 1991, she has mind-boggling measures; the girl recently ended up in the gossip eye for being seen in the company of Stefano De Martino.

Moreover, the two have known each other for some time, considering how the beautiful South American has participated several times as a guest in ” Tonight everything is possible “, the program conducted by the Neapolitan. Both have repeatedly denied one of their relationships, so as a result, the flirtation with Fabrizio Corona “revealed” by Nina Moric is not true.

In Italy since 2010, Rodriguez becomes known to the general public for her role as a competitor in “Beijing Express” before and after ” Big Brother Vip “. In the film “But what is your sign 6?” she made her debut as an actress, while on the small screen and first the valley of Carlo Conti in “Si pub fare” then of Chiambretti in “Matrix Chiambretti”.

A decidedly more demanding role in 2017, when for ” Le Iene ” she collaborated on a reportage on the difficulties of her native South American country, between the political crisis with the almost dictatorial Maduro regime and economic crisis, with the country on the verge of bankruptcy and rampant poverty.

Mariana Rodriguez, the costumes discover too much

The Rodriguez, then many of her colleagues, is distinguished by a peculiarity; she is one of the very few to have undergone surgery to reduce her breasts, from a natural fifth to a third size. An almost anomalous decision.

An influencer with over 200 thousand followers, on Instagram she often publishes shots provoked, almost by erotic content able to send her followers into raptures. Recently campaigning for a costume line, her photos are truly exhilarating.

In one of the last images the close-up is on the lower part of the bikini with a decidedly high leg, with the right hand that mischievously sneaks inside the costume; in another image, however, she is struggling with the bra of the costume, pulled off and held on by her hands.

But the last post is about a heart attack. A zoom on the lower back, completely uncovered by the costume she wears. In the caption, she wishes everyone a lot of “C factor” in this 2021, playing with her rear.