Elisabetta Canalis gorgeous, she dances and then changes her dress: sensational! [VIDEO]


A gorgeous Elisabetta Canalis enjoys dancing and changing her dress. In stunning shape, the dress highlights everything

There is nothing better than starting the week with a fun, but sexy, video by Elisabetta Canalis. Dress changes on Instagram now travel at lightning speed thanks to reels or TikToks, but when social media stars do, fans are always happy.

One of the last comes from the profile “Littlecrumb”, or the former tissue Elizabeth, who gives her audience a fun change of clothes. First relax in sexy bodysuit and ballet, then hair move and put on a beautiful, tight dress that highlights her gorgeous curves. Impossible not to go crazy in front of a video like this. Time passes, but Elizabeth is always more beautiful!


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Even the VIPs cry!

What appears on social media, it is now known, is not always all roses and flowers. A few days ago the actress and former showgirl of Striscia la Notizia, burst into tears during the connection to the Verissimo program conducted by Silvia Toffanin. The pandemic has put a strain on people’s feelings and the distance with the mother has been particularly felt.

Elizabeth’s mother had to spend the Christmas holidays away from her daughter and granddaughter Skyler. The showgirl specified that her desire was to return to Italy, but she did not have a valid reason to return, not even for work, so she preferred not to put her mother’s health at risk.

Staying away was not easy, but she couldn’t do otherwise. She took advantage of the television moment to address her mother, Bruna, telling her that she misses a lot and the same thing for her niece. But they always remember her and hope to be able to return to Italy soon to spend the holidays they couldn’t spend together. Christmas in America without a mother was certainly not the same thing.


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