Manila Nazzaro: “Lorenzo and I are destroyed”, tragic mourning for the couple


Terrible mourning strikes the couple formed by Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso: she decides to tell the deep pain on social media

A couple who entered the hearts of Italians in their experience at Temptation Island, the one formed by Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso. In fact, the two after having decided to stay together and come out even more united from the experience on the island also decided to get married. Their tale seemed to have to continue with the family ready to expand. In fact, Nazzaro is expecting a child from Lorenzo, but then the sad announcement arrivesThrough social media, she communicates that she has lost their child, a sad announcement that moves the people of the web. An incredible pain that he describes by stating: “Lorenzo and I are destroyed”.

Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso in mourning, forgive the child: “Talking about it is a little caress”


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A heartbreaking announcement from Manila Nazzaro, who communicates through her Instagram profile that she has lost the baby she was carrying. The pain is immense for her and Lorenzo Amoruso, she betrothed, but in an Instagram post, he states that talking about it for her can be a little caress. In overcoming a very difficult and painful situation, Nazzaro entrusts her hopes to the new year by writing: “2021 now it’s your turn, don’t disappoint us”. In addition, in the stories on her profile, she also explains that she talked about it on social media to dispel a taboo, because losing a child will never be the failure of a woman. Finally, always through the stories, he shows some messages of the closeness of the many followers, which express their closeness to the couple, in a moment in which a word of comfort can really help them, who are experiencing a real drama.