Are Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci still together? A clue pops up


Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci, the summer couple continues to be talked about: are they still together? The truth about the two

It was the couple of the summer that formed by Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci, capable of attracting all the gossip spotlights. The first, Neapolitan, is the ex-girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi, while Turci is an established singer. The two have an important age difference, 21 years, but this certainly doesn’t seem like a problem.

Pascale and Turci ignited an already hot August with a kiss between the two arrived on a yacht during the holiday in Cilento. A flirtation started with the two who seemed to get along in love and agree but which, according to Dagospia, has already come to an end.

A classic summer story, in fact, with Turci who would now be busy with her working life, given the imminent return to TV, on Rai1, next January 11 in an ” I think a dream like this “, the show by Giuseppe Fiorello produced by Turci’s own agency, Friends & Partners.

Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci: story over?

A different version of the love story between the two, however, comes from Gabriele Parpiglia; according to the journalist expert in gossip, in fact, the two are continuing in their relationship, so much so that they spent the New Year together. What appeared to be just a summer flirt, then, morphed into something far more important.

2021, then began the long wake of the end of 2020, with both happy and serene together, even ready to important projects. Meanwhile, Francesca Pascale has been very committed to social issues. As the colleague recalls, in fact, the former partner of the leader of Forza Italia in 2018 founded ” I Colori Della Libertà “, LGTB association.

” I was discriminated against for a love with an older man, gay families in addition to overcoming the daily difficulties, must also absorb the prejudices ” the two words at the time of the foundation of the association. ” I never said I was gay or straight, I don’t use stakes or stereotypes “.