Alessandra Amoroso, the dedication to Emma Marrone moves the fans [VIDEO]


The two Salento singers, Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone, publicly declare the affection that unites them. The video moves everyone.

The famous singer from Salento, Alessandra Amoroso, is the first former contestant of a talent show to achieve unparalleled success. In fact, after having participated in Amici, led by Maria De Filippi, she managed to break into the world of music by climbing the most important charts. It has now been more than ten years since she wore the school pupil onesie, but despite this, it is always a unique emotion to return to that studio.

In fact, those who know it and follow it assiduously know that every time the Salento cannot hold back the tears. Thanks to Amici, he met one of his most important friends, Emma Marrone. She too took part in the edition following that of the Amoroso and finished first. Everyone thought and wanted the two to become bitter enemies, instead they silenced the rumors by forging a sincere and lasting relationship.

Alessandra Amoroso replies to Emma Marrone’s message

Yesterday, January 2, the Salento Emma Marrone had posted a video memory of many years ago when together with  Alessandra Amoroso she had walked the stage of the Arena di Verona for the first time. The message accompanying the video is a very sweet dedication to her friend. The 34-year-old’s response was not long in coming. In fact, today he published a video of the same evening in which they sing the song with which Marrone won Sanremo 2012, Non-e dell inferno.

Amoroso’s dedication, in response to Emma’s, moved the fans who unconditionally love both of them especially when they are on stage together. In their messages we can read the great nostalgia they feel when they think back to those moments and the desire to return to sing around Italy. This is what they are hoping for and are looking forward to being able to return.