Taylor Mega in red light: everything comes out of the bikini [PHOTO]


Web influencer Taylor Mega warms the hearts of followers and lovers of love with an “illegal” shot on Instagram: you can see it all

Known under the stage name of Elisa Todesco, the model and web influencer Taylor Mega always knows how to “hurt” the “scrambled” heart of lust of her Instagram followersMost of her free time she spends directly in contact with social networks, where she gives out truly irrepressible eros under many aspects.

The most dynamic is certainly the boundless sex appeal,  which leaves no room for words. Yet Taylor did not have the spirit of sensuality in her “veins”, also because she comes from a humble family that certainly does not like being in the spotlight. The father is a turkey farmer, while she has rooted in sectors diametrically opposed to the objectives of the house

Taylor Mega, enchanting beauty: queen of seduction and more

Thanks to her rejuvenated beauty, Taylor Mega has carved out space for herself as a participant in the most followed reality shows of Mediaset. She participated in the “Island of the Famous” but did not get so much luck. The redemption came a little later when she decided to set up a cutting-edge fashion line, where she sports a whole series of bikinis and skimpy dresses that have increased her level of attractiveness in public.

As if that weren’t enough, Taylor Mega was filled with praise from fans and insiders who noticed in her an additional “quid” of charm, compared to the fierce competition. It not by chance has become the ambassador of beauty par excellence, for girls in the making. Who to feel at ease do not spare themselves from going to “knock” on her door.

On the icon there seducing the diva of the web, then, to “bribe” the lust of the fans, there is also the figure of a dispenser of advice couture. In the last few shots, in fact, she has shown that she has an impulse of attraction, like few others around. While in the very recent “red light” first floor, she shows off a bikini, which promotes her body with flying colors, in front of an audience completely in love.

The atmosphere is then enriched with malicious and transgressive curiosities, with sculpted abs and breathtaking front/back curves. Overflowing with skimpy underwear, worn to make the incandescent atmosphere created in the circumstance even more captivating