Le Donatella, sweet effusions with her: so beautiful [PHOTO]


The web “therapists”, Le Donatella celebrate the New Year with “sweet” moments of effusion and in the company of a very special person

The most glamorous duo on the web, “ Le Donatella ” became the protagonists of a very moving shot on social networks. Where they expressed all the most beautiful and comforting feelings, in the company of a very special person. 

Giulia and Silvia Provvedi have conquered the public through numerous musical experiences and more. The first appearance on the small screen occurred on the occasion of the X-Factor talent show, in the sixth edition of the program where they stood out with the nickname of Proves Destination. Then the definitive redemption under the spotlight of the reality show, “L’Isola dei Famosi”, ended with a success that definitively relaunches the duo in the special part of their fans’ hearts

Today Giulia and Silvia have crowned the dream of opening an Instagram page all to themselves, where they never miss their mutual harmony and more

Le Donatella, immense happiness with her: “You are life”


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The charm of Le Donatella has obtained the highest number of consents, on social networks and in particular on Instagram,  where today they have almost one and a half million followers. Everyone and no one is excluded to admire the details of the glamorous and funny shots that the wildest duo on the web gives.

Silvia and Giulia now seem so close that they recognize themselves in a single personality. Their destiny is to be together forever, but Silvia’s motherhood has given a new “joy” in the house.

It is the little girl, the eldest of the sisters “forever”. The three of the Ave Maria are now truly inseparable from all points of view. And for the occasion of the new year they wanted to give moments of “ sweet effusion”,  which first of all highlight the charm of the duo, a sentence also in terms of seduction.

Then all the sweetness and innocence of a newborn baby, “… with the twinkling of stars in her eyes”: immense happiness!


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