Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, celebration with an “unexpected” finale! [VIDEO]


The Ferragnez have wished everyone a happy new year in a nice way. But what did little Leone do? Beautiful and sweet!

Long-awaited welcome 2021! So many hoped that this moment would come soon and perhaps for the first time in their lives, everyone had the plan to celebrate the new year: stay at home. But social networks never make people feel alone and what better time than this to send greetings to life?

She is the undisputed queen again this year: Chiara Ferragni in the company of her husband Fedez and little Leone. A strange feeling to celebrate at home, especially for them who are used to welcoming the new year with a big party. Despite everything, however, in the midst of sequins and gold and silver colors scattered around the house, their wishes were very sweet.

Ferragnez, what did little Leone do?

Once the sadness of staying at home was put aside, Chiara set up a very simple but at the same time “fashion” party set. For her, a black outfit as tradition dictates (we don’t know if she wore red panties) elegant but comfortable, ideal for staying at home. We add a nice silver headband with the words “ Happy new year” and gold and silver balloons with the words 2021.

A sparkling happy year at home, but the highlight arrived just at the stroke of midnight: mum Chiara, dad Fedez, and little Leone wished all their followers a good 2021 with the party trumpets. A sweet little boy with his blouse, but just while he is having fun with the trumpet something happens: little Leo this is not done!

With his sweet but tremendous smile, he grits his teeth, and here comes the saliva. Mamma Chiara notices it and cleans it with her hand. Perhaps it is better to start the year with a little irony and Leone is so sweet that he can be forgiven anything, even a gesture of this kind. But it is better not to teach these things to the future little sister. Greetings Ferragnez!