Carlo Conti, the father never known and the ‘gaffe’ with Roberta Morise

attends 'La Corrida' tv show on April 13, 2018 in Rome, Italy.

Few are aware of the details of Carlo Conti’s private life: from the father never known to the gaffe on the wedding with the ex Roberta Morise

Without a doubt, Carlo Conti is one of the most known and loved presenters of recent times in Italy. In fact, his programs have always been very successful, as the three consecutive editions of Sanremo which he conducted. Few, however, are aware of his private life, where he began to suffer from an early age. In fact, he never knew his father. When he was only 18 months old, the conductor’s father died of a tumor that had plagued him for some time. An unbridgeable void in his life, which however sees him always having his mother Lolette by his side, with which he recalls a very nice anecdote about smoking. Just the mother made her try the first cigarette, telling him that his father had died because of those, from that day he never smoked again.

Carlo Conti, the father lost too soon and the love ended with Roberta Morise: what a gaffe for the marriage with Francesca

A childhood that began uphill for Carlo Conti, who, however, as he grows up, does not immediately see things go well in love. In fact, with the ex-girlfriend Roberta Morise the age difference is felt too much and the two break up because, as revealed by herself, the passion had gone away. In addition, the ex-girlfriend in an interview tells that the marriage between the conductor and Francesca Vaccaro, which took place a year after their separation, only becomes aware of it through a friend who receives the invitation to the wedding. When Roberta calls Carlo, he replies that they were still thinking about it, but the shares had already started. What a ‘gaffe’ of the brilliant conductor.