Melita Toniolo disguises herself in the holidays: then the dedication [PHOTO]


Melita Toniolo disguises herself and dresses up for the Christmas holidays: it’s a gift for her little one. Then comes the unexpected dedication: sweet and tender for the Christmas period.

There is always a good reason to make everything more electric and energetic. Especially at Christmas, or rather, under the Christmas period. Because Christmas is known, it is only one day, while the Christmas period includes many more days, ranging from December 24th to January 6th. There is also time to make everything more magical, especially if we have a son, daughter, or more of them in the house.

The model and radio station Melita Toniolo knows this well. During the Christmas period, she made everything more sparkling by making a nice surprise for her little son who will surely have enjoyed one of her bizarre and sweet disguises.

The photo was posted on Instagram after a few hours. But, alongside the photo, a personal dedication to her partner was also taken. In between, there is a very important date that Melita certainly could not miss, complete with family photos.

Melita Toniolo in the guise of Santa Claus: really sweet and sparkling parties


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A truly sparkling Christmas spent at the Toniolo house. With the baby of the family who received a nice surprise: the mother disguised as Santa Claus, while father Andrea as a reindeer. In short, a truly perfect trio that appeared on the official profile of the Venetian model.

But not only the Christmas clothes with which the two parents wanted to make everything more harmonious for their little son. In the caption, Melita wishes herself and her partner 6 years together. It is not known what the exact day is, but surely it all happened under the Christmas period.

A few days earlier she had appeared in one of her “geniuses”. Really sensual photo with completely alternative caption: “I think about 31 and I’m already hungry” . Melita has found, throughout 2020 , a way of her own to appear on social media. Unlike some colleagues, she is much nicer, as well as showing her sensual side.