NBA – the Humiliating Sentence of a Relative of James Harden on the Rockets


Unhappy, James Harden would like to leave the Rockets. He no longer thinks that the environment is conducive to winning a title, and his relatives think the same way. One of them drew a rather humiliating sentence for the Texas franchise.

Big absent from the recovery, James Harden is not talking about him for good reasons in recent days. Rather than martyring his teammates in training, he prefers for the time being to have fun in a nightclub and give monstrous gifts to his friends. The NBA? It’s clearly secondary for the Bearded Man, for now at least.

One comes to wonder if there will be a sanction on his return. Harden was to come back during the weekend, but he preferred to snub the recovery: a behavior which will undoubtedly not remain without consequence. In the meantime, we can also see it as a way to put pressure on its leaders.

It’s no coincidence that Harden wants to leave the Rockets, determined to win a title in the years to come. Know it in any case, in the family of the player, we fully support him. His mother has come to defend him in the face of recent criticism, and a loved one did not have happy words when it came to bringing up the Rockets.

When we talk about the Knicks in recent years, we think especially of a bottom team, and which has not seen the color of the playoffs for a long time. Suffice to say that it is not a compliment if there was a need to clarify it.

Are the Rockets “the Knicks of the South”? It’s a bit harsh, but it says a lot about the affection those close to James Harden have for his team.