In “vacation mode” the socialite dedicated herself to delighting millions, after its publication and, in addition, she is accused of plagiarizing the photograph

It is well known that the successful businesswoman Kylie Jenner, like her famous sisters from the Kardashian Jenner clan, adds followers, criticisms, and completely shocking photos with each passing day.

With more than 201 million followers on Instagram alone, the socialite posed in a rather flirtatious way, where she can barely cover herself with a large beach hat, while not wearing a single garment, and she replied to a user that He accused her of copying the pose for the aforementioned image.

That’s right, the famous businesswoman Kylie Jenner left her millions of followers speechless on her official Instagram profile by sharing a sensual photo in which she appears without any clothing item, except for a huge hat that covers her face from the sun’s rays and a thin bracelet that adorns one of her ankles, giving it a very sexy touch.

As is customary, she did not leave much to the imagination and showed her most uncovered side in her social network, surprising her millions of followers as only she knows how to do it, and that is, it must be clear that there are from d3snud0s to d3snud0s, and without a doubt, the one this time is quite artistic. 

In the image, which only accompanied the description “vacation mode”, the beautiful and charismatic younger sister of the “Klan” appears sitting on the edge of a pool with her shapely legs crossed and with her right arm covering her bust, wearing a large hat that with his fall covers his beautiful face. 

To complement her “Eva” outfit, Jenner wears her fingernails and toenails a deep yellow color that contrasts with her tanned skin and makes her look simply spectacular.


It is worth mentioning that the young businesswoman was on tour promoting her then-new brand of body care products called “Kylie Skin”, in addition to enjoying a wonderful vacation accompanied by her media family.

The little one of the Kardashians hired a private plane just for her family and close friends to travel peacefully that weekend, approximately in the month of July last year, to begin the adventure.

That’s right, in short, Kris Jenner’s youngest daughter was on vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands with her little daughter Stormie who was barely a year and a half old, and a group of friends, including her inseparable Anastasia Karanikolaou. 

Although Kylie fans finished the comment box, mentioning how splendid the image is, and complimenting it wholesale, there was a brief message from a user, who accused her of plagiarizing her photograph. 

It is about the also influencer and YouTube, Amanda Ensing, who also has a good number of followers, although she is very far from the high number of Jenner, she dedicated herself to despising the image of the businesswoman, considering that it was an image similar to another uploaded by it in June.

“This photo is too familiar to me,” Ensing wrote in the comments, so we took on the task of entering the influencer’s profile and we could see that she was referring to an image from June 17 in which she appears posing alike way, stripped of all clothing, on the ground and with a straw hat covering her face.

Evidently touched by Ensing’s words, Jenner responded with the comment: “You are not on my inspiration wall, but I was inspired by looking at Pinterest”, this caused Jenner’s hater friends to quickly attack the less known Instagrammer, although some tried to defend her by assuring that the young woman had only posted to joke about it.