Five video games on a first date


Part of the attraction of meeting someone new and exciting on an online dating platform is getting to know them better. By interacting via the website’s secure communication channel, you can find out all about their hobbies and pastimes, discovering those you have in common. If you find you both relish video gaming, then as well as binding over your favorite games, you’ve also come across the ideal activity for your first date. With so many games to choose from, Meetmilfy has suggested this list of video games that you can play as a couple on your first meeting.


At face value, you might assume a horror game would never be the automatic first choice for a first date activity. Zombies drenched in blood hardly make for a romantic image. But playing Left4deadis all about the tension and frights – just think of your racing blood pressure and white-knuckles when you are both gripping your consoles! The more jump scares you endure as you get involved, the greater the relief when you get past each obstacle. And what better way to seal the deal for a blossoming relationship than discovering your partner is somebody who will always have your back should you ever happen to be surrounded by legions of undead?!


Food has long been synonymous with love. After all, when you aren’t playing games, you may well be considering the refreshments you will be enjoying afterward. This game will whet your appetite. Overcookedis a fantastic experience because it allows you guys to cooperate as you become highly-strung chefs, having to deal with multiple pressures in a crazily-busy kitchen environment. It might seem like a relatively straightforward task to put together various meals. But this kitchen is crammed full of potential booby traps that can transform the simplest of dishes into fire hazards.

Sims 4

There’s something about a computer game that mirrors real life that makes it so compelling. Simshas been around for a long time and this, its 4th version, is certainly one of the most interesting and exciting simulation games you will come across. This is another outing that will allow you to get a glimpse of your partner’s true personality as they cope with everyday activities. Something as mundane as whether they let the dishes pile up or are super-fixated on keeping everything tidy will give you some insight into how your relationship might progress!

The Last of Us

This is yet another game that will pit you against gangs of marauding cannibals. Here you are living in a pandemic-ravaged world where there is danger lurking around every corner. The pair of you can enter this febrile atmosphere, taking the role of Joel, a violent drug smuggler with a decent heart, who must escort Ellie to safety from a quarantine zone. Again, the pair of you can have endless fun as you engage in riveting shoot-em-ups with the never-ending hordes of undead creatures rampaging across your screen.

Just Dance

If you have grown tired of jamming your thumbs into the controls to blast enemies into shreds of blood and gore, why not get involved in a much more down-to-earth but even more energetic activity? Just Danceis a fabulously entertaining game that you and your partner can get fully engrossed in from the get-go. With the current pandemic situation ensuring nightclubs remain closed up and down the country, what better excuse could there be for cranking up the volume and injecting your date with a lot of energy? With new songs and features being released with each version, your moves can evolve accordingly.

There are so many reasons why video gaming is becoming the number one choice dating activity, especially for Millennials. There are only so many restaurants or takeaway outlets for you to take advantage of when you get beyond the first date and start thinking of places to take your new partner over the coming weeks. But with video games, the possibilities are practically endless, with new titles being released every week, most of these as eagerly anticipated as any new feature film release. With Virtual Reality headsets, you can get truly involved in these games, making your romantic connection even more vivid.