Sherlyn must testify before a judge for a complaint against her


Jorge ‘El Clairvoyant’ filed a lawsuit against the actress for injuries and threats.

Sherlyn will have to testify after Jorge ‘El Clairvoyant’s filed a lawsuit against her for injuries and threats.

This character known as ‘El Brujo’ sued Sherlyn, whom he accuses of having sent him to beat and threaten him for making statements about the actress’s private life.

Jorge Clairvoyant had revealed that Sherlyn consulted him and that he had hired him to do a witchcraft ‘job’, in addition to the fact that he supposedly knows the identity of the father of the artist’s son.

El Brujo assures that people close to Sherlyn beat him and threatened him if he spoke: “I can no longer bear these things that are happening to me, I have already received blows, I want to stop this. I am very afraid that my children will be left without their father, I had a life made, I am already a great person. My wife had a crisis and I had to take her to the hospital. I have a son who is also clairvoyant and the day before he saw everything that was going to happen to me, we cannot go out on the street ”.

El Brujo says that in the past he considered himself a friend of Sherly, but now he assures that she turned her back on him and wants to make an attempt on his life, so he sought legal help to protect himself.


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