Kim Kardashian “disappointed” by Kanye West’s downward spiral


Her husband’s mental health continues to deteriorate and that is taking its toll on Kim.

Kanye West’s mental health appears to be deteriorating and is taking its toll on Kim Kardashian, Us Weekly reports.

Recently, the family has been more open about Kanye’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder and how it affects his behavior and family dynamics.

“She is deeply disappointed and saddened by what Kanye is going through,” a source told Us Weekly. “It’s a spiral that Kim has been successful in successfully interrupting for months, but it’s getting out of hand.”

However, Kim is “not surprised” that Kanye has not been “complying with the terms of his plan of care” that they agreed to and believes the coronavirus pandemic is contributing to his recent “downward spiral.” The source added that “being isolated and essentially alone in his head is not healthy” for him.

Kanye recently came out to rant on Twitter, making startling announcements like his bid to run for president, his goal to win back Taylor Swift’s teachers, and that he is breaking his association with Adidas.

And one of his recent Tweets, where he tells his daughter North West that they are trying to “murder” him and separate her from his life, and maybe talking about some threat from Kim Kardashian to deny him seeing the 7-year-old girl.

But the source says that’s not Kim’s concern. “She doesn’t care about tweets, I mean, Kanye is Kanye,” the source said, adding that it’s “the mood swings and manic episodes that are extremely difficult to help Kanye cope with.”

In August, People’s sources indicated that they live separately, with Kim in Los Angeles and Kanye in Wyoming.

A source said at the time, “Kim still seems focused on making her marriage work. She’s pretty quiet about her exact plans for the future, but for now, it seems okay with Kanye living in Wyoming. “